Hey Bros! Do you like Japanese twat?


“Tokyo Bitch”is a new AV program that only highlight pure and true amature girls.

Our featured girl for this month is a 20-year old girl who works for a major railway company. And she is wanting to hook up with GAIJIN for the video shoot. Any Bros out there interested?

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  1. Asiator より:


    • じみへん より:


  2. bahamut より:

    Living in Japan and interested in doing this shoot (or others).
    Send email if interested~


  3. desioner より:


    • じみへん より:

      Hi! 撮影は東京です。札幌?いいねー。でも、お金ない。儲かったら札幌でやるよ。だから買ってね。ありがとう。

  4. Jimi Hentaix より:

    Thank you for the response. This information is the real.
    By the way , you ‘re living in Japan ? We do not accept travelers this time.

  5. Miller_san より:

    Is this for real!? Wow sounds amazing Bro!

  6. Cumblast より:

    I’m ready to hook up with her! Count me in!

  7. covertjapan より:

    I’m interested–I’m as gaijin as they come. Please sign me up!